“We Get to Live covers a broad range of themes, and I appreciated the way that the author uses his personal experiences to explain the significance of the ideas he discusses, making it feel relatable rather than purely abstract. This is clearly the product of hard thinking. I commend the author on this achievement.”

– Dr Shashi Tharoor, M.P., Author

We Get to Live takes the lens of spirituality and philosophy to explore how interconnected our world is, be it nature or culture. Diving deep into topics like ‘What is our purpose?’, ‘What is time?’, ‘How are love and power interconnected?’, it aims to arrive at an understanding that offers us peace. A knowing that our lives, like each cloud, are perfect. Not a speck of dust that is out of place in this universe.

In our modern world, our lives have become fast and frenzied. Information flows everywhere but can we ever have enough information. Is the information in any given situation limitless? We Get to Live explores how data has become king and what lessons we can draw from our past experiences with kings and kingdoms.

Productivity and ambition drive us to do many things, so much so that we often forget to rest. We learn from non-action about how to relax and how to balance our outcome-seeking behaviours with process-loving actions. We must work, but should it be so much that we forget to play?

Nature and sustainability are important issues in the world today but how do we make progress if our identity is separate from nature? If we explore how Mother Nature sustains us, how she cares for us and provides us a home, food, air and water—would we then treat her the same? Taking historical and political perspectives, the book takes us through a journey where we find the distinctions between the natural world and ourselves blurred. How do we build a sustainable world? We can start by acknowledging our interdependence with nature.

Attempting to understand how suffering is a blessing in disguise, is a process. If we honestly search our souls, we would not wish to live without it. Love gives us an experience of this spectrum of emotions and it takes many forms. What is a spirituality divorced from love? In the second half of the book, we take a journey through what we love to do, who we love and why we love. We understand that personal love can be a gateway to a divine love that seeks to connect us with all life, granting us the realisation—We Get to Live.